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Live Camera: Gero, Gifu ,Japan

A view from "Gero Spa" in Hida area, Gifu Pref. Japan. Updates every 30 minutes. Gero Spa is one of the 10 best hot spas in Japan. This Live Cam works since 1995.

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Komaki IC, Ena IC, Nakatsugawa IC etc

Four Seasons

Zensho-ji (temple)

Zensho-ji is the Buddhist temple called and described as "Tenka-jissatsu" that means ten great temples in Japan.


Gero Spa Guides

Yakedake (Mt.)

2455m above the sea level. Prohibited to enter the crater. Permitted to climb for 2393m since 1991's deregulation.

Yakedake Goya (Azumino village office) 0263-94-2301

The monument of Kaiten

In 1964 the monument was built by the people who had deep respect for the World War 2 lieutenant commander Kuroki who was born in here and designed human torpedo called Kaiten. Kuroki died in an accident of Kaiten which plunged into the bottom of the Tokuyama bay in 1944. His last letter in the sea remains now. The monument lies on Mt. Shinki.


2897m. Seeing every direction, the shape like Japanese woven hat Kasa doesn't change.

In Japan, mountains were objects for religious belief.

Japan Alps (Chubu Mountains National Park)

Jonendake, Kasagatake, Hotakadake, etc

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  • Japan Highway

  • Amou pass

    Height above sea level 1290m. To pass from Kawai village to Shirakawa village, you pass the Amou pass. The pass is covered by woods,the woods is very deep and old, its steepness make automobiles panting.


    What is Gasshou?
    Japanese Gasshou means join one's hands in prayer. Gasshou Zukuri means private house built like a shape of Gasshou.


    Okuhotakatake, 3190m above sea level, ranks third in Japan. These mountains called Hotaka totally,

    Lodge LINK


    It is 28km from Gero town to Kanayama town. 1ri=4km, 7ri=28km, 7 is pronounced shichi in Japanese, so the 28km length beautiful canyon was named Nakayama-7ri, you say Nakayama shichi ri. The season changing, the view changing too, so colorful, brightful, what a beauty!

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    Old Photos 2

    1939 Riverside, 1948 Shirasagi-no-yu, 1956 Children marching

    Yarigatake (Mt.)

    3180m. Win popularity for its pointed peak like a spear. The first climber was a bonze Banryu.

    Old Photos 1

    1910, 1929, 1395, Gero station

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    Rice Wine

    Rice Wine in Gero

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